Watch England v Senegal at Park View Road

Park View Road will be opening its doors for England’s FIFA World Cup 2022 campaign with all of the Three Lions’ matches being shown at the Wings Bar, including Sunday’s Round of 16 clash with Senegal.

Tournament matches are always best watched with a crowd and Welling United supporters are encouraged to join us at Park View Road to cheer on Gareth Southgate’s men with Sunday’s game being shown in the upstairs bar, while drinks will be flowing, as usual.

Food will also be available to purchase with the foot retail outlets open for business throughout the evening.

Entrance for the screening of all of England’s World Cup matches is free of charge, with supporters urged to be in position in good time to guarantee their spot.

Following Sunday’s clash with Senegal, the potential quarter-final fixture for England will also be shown at Park View Road, will details to be confirmed.

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  1. Hi, can I just confirm its first come first served for the England game in the bar Sunday or should seats be reserved? What time does the bar open?
    Many thanks

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