My Vanarama Team-Mates: Josh Oyinsan dishes the PVR dressing room dirt!

League sponsors Vanarama have been busy opening the changing room doors… so what lies behind?

You can select three of the boys to go on a road trip with – who gets the invite? 

Sanchez Ming, Cookie (Anthony Cook) and Gavin McCallum. I can’t think of a funnier trio they are always up to something silly in the changing room!

Who is the first one you would lock out of the car!

I would prop lock out Sanchez eventually – he’ll most probably end up moaning about something on the way!

Who wouldn’t you let near the stereo? 

I wouldn’t let Sanchez near the music either, sorry! He’s a little bit older so his music taste is a little different from ours.

Which team mate is likely to become a manager in the future? 

That would be most likely be Rob Swaine. Great leadership skills and very positive in the changing room. He will be the one.

But who is the least likeliest to become a manager? 

That would have to be Adam Coombes. It’s nothing to do with football knowledge, it’s just because he is just so relaxed. I just couldn’t see it!

Who is the Park View Road joker?

It’s a tight one as I would say I’m up there but I will have to give it to Cookie – he’s always smiling, saying some silly or up to something funny.

Which player is always in front of the mirror?

I would say Jack Jebb. Jebby’s hair always seems well kept so I know he spends a while doing it.

Who is your best friend at Welling?

I am going to break a few hearts with this one! There’s a few as I’ve known some of the boys for a while.. I’ve known Bradley Goldberg m from my time back at Bromley, I’ve known him the longest so him also special mentions to Ejiro, Montel, Sanchez, Cookie and Greeny!

Who is the best trainer in the squad?

I would like to think I work very hard in training but I would say either Gavin McCallum or Montel Agyemang. Two of the most skillful players in the team and they both train well.

But who is the first off the training pitch? 

Actually, surprisingly no one really leaves early – we all warm down together and leave as a team everyone’s works hard too which is good.

Someone must have an annoying habit which gets to you – what’s the crime?

Not so annoying, more funny. Julien Anau calls shower gel ‘shower jelly’ and we crack up every time he says it!

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