A New Year Message from the Chairman Mark Goldberg

Dear Supporters

As we approach the new year, we reflect on the disappointing start to our campaign this season, especially in light of last season’s success which involved reaching the play off final despite the financial repercussions that unfortunately could not be repeated again this season.

I apologise to supporters for having to suffer the disappointment of our form on the field and the recent embarrassment of losing to our neighbours on Boxing Day, followed by further defeat against Eastbourne two days later, heightened by the fact that I am away during this crucial period.

I acknowledge the criticism, especially without the knowledge of what goes on behind the scenes and I also understand that if I was paying a manager to do the job I certainly wouldn’t expect him to be away during this crucial period. However, as hard as it is to admit, the financial pressures of supporting our club has taken its toll on me and I make no excuses for needing to take the time out with my family.

It is also clear that the performances on the field haven’t helped and I will be addressing this to do my utmost to provide the changes we need to get back on track early in the new year.

Meanwhile,we have a massive game on New Year’s Day and I truly hope you all are prepared to get fully behind the team as they need you right now while confidence is low. There is nothing like hearing our supporters get behind the team even when he are on a run of poor form.

I also want to wish all our staff and supporters a very happy and healthy new year and promise to do my utmost to provide a better outcome for the team during the second half of our campaign this season and hopefully also generate progress in our quest for new stadium facilities to ensure our long term sustainability.

Very best wishes


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