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Click the play button above to hear the live commentary.

Audio will only be heard during live broadcasts, An error message will appear when we are off air.

If the above is not playing….. click this link RADIO WINGS – LISTEN HERE     and you will go to a page and hear the commentary……   but on a site outside of the official website. Its safe and will work for everyone but only plays when a game is on and we are on air.

Failing all that. if you are struggling to hear the stream use the links below depending on what player you have.. The file may save to your pc, simply right click the file that is saved to your pc and select open with and open with your player in the list of programmes.

Winamp, iTunes
Windows Media Player
Real Player
Web Proxy

NEXT PLANNED COMMENTARY* Chelmsford City AWAY 17th April 2017

All live commentary is depending on home club having working facilities on day and or internet connection and travel being unaffected. Follow @RadioWings on Twitter

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*  Winamp, iTunes
Vanarama National South