Boost the Budget

Dear all,

As you may or may not be aware, last season WUSA oversaw a Boost the Budget scheme which allowed supporters to donate a fixed amount each month that went directly to Jamie Days playing Budget. In total, over £8,000 was given to Jamie to use as he saw fit throughout the season.

For those that contributed, a massive thanks is due. Jamie is hugely appreciated of this support which allowed him to add additional personnel to the playing squad. Your donations helped Jamie build a team which scored over 100 goals(in all competitions) and which won the Blue Square Conference South in 2012/2013. For those that didnt take part or were perhaps not aware of this scheme, you can see how much of a difference these funds made and how all supporters can make a difference.

WUSA are looking to administrate this scheme for Jamie again this coming season. After promotion, Jamie now has a bigger task of competing in the Conference Premier with the majority of teams full time and with substantial playing budgets. Therefore, any additional funds that can be raised towards this scheme can be vital and could help Jamie get that extra player(s) or loan signing that could make all the difference. For clarification:

1) Any money for this scheme is given to WUSA. This money is then ring fenced by the WUSA Treasurerand is used purely for Boost the Budget. It will not go towards any functions, used in cashflow or fund any other schemes other than Boost the Budget.

2) We do not say that the money has been used to buy a certain player or for a part of a certain players wages. We simply notify Jamie Day that he has X amount of pounds to spend and it is down to him to spend this money as he sees fit, whether it be for one player, 5 players or a 3 month loan player.

3) Please only contribute if you can commit to paying the regular amount each month. If a few people were to pull out part way through the season, it could have problems if Jamie has players tied down on contracts.

You can donate as little or as much as you want and its run over a course of 44 weeks which mirrors the length of the players contracts. Monthly payments would start in July and end in May. If you do not want to contribute monthly, a one off payment of any amount would also be greatly appreciated and would be added into the scheme in the normal way.

It would be good to get the ball rolling now as by starting this scheme early we can give Jamie an idea of the money he can have as soon as possible which would help him immediately in assembling his squad for this season.

Please message me if you have any questions or enquiries about the scheme.

Matthew Mein

Welling United Supporters Association.

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